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What is Exness?  The Broker presented:

With more than 140,000 customers worldwide, Exness has become not only a favorite, but a well-known name when it comes to Forex trading. There are several advantages that traders enjoy when trading on their platform. These advantages include transparency and a narrow spread that ensures competition in the market.

Exness is a forex brokerage company founded in 2008 to provide digital assets to clients on the platform. Exness is a secure brokerage firm under the supervision of popular financial regulators such as CySEC, FCA, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), FSA and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Exness has its headquarters in Cyprus, namely Limassol. Today it not only has an office in Cyprus, but has spread to other parts of the world, opening offices in those parts. These offices are located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the British Virgin Islands and the Seychelles. With different branches, Exness performance is fast.

Being an old forex broker in the business, it can provide its investors with a unique trading experience. Today, the Broker has MetaTrader platforms that offer clients the comfort of trading. A simple registration process and user-friendly platform is one of the features that make this company remain relevant even today.

Exness is the largest forex broker in terms of trading volume!

Founded in 2008

The largest forex broker by volume

Present in many countries

Many rules

Multilingual support for customers

Is Exness subject to safe regulation?

This is a question that should be asked by anyone who wants to join a forex broker. Of course, Exness is regulated, as you can see above. FCAwraz with other financial supervisory authorities monitors the company's activities. By monitoring, financial regulators ensure that Exness works to provide its customers with the best trading experience.

Under the latest regulators, this forex broker has an FSCA. FSCA is a financial verification company that operates in South Africa. This means that South African investors can trade on the broker and have the security of trading. 

Regulators serve as a means of protection for entrepreneurs. They also provide security when trading because investors can be sure that Exness is not a scam just here to steal their money. The Broker operates transparently, there are no hidden fees or commissions. So far, feedback on the platform has been positive.

Exness is regulated by:

FSA (Seychelles)

CBCS (Curaçao and Sint Maarten)

FSC (British Virgin Islands)


CySEC (Cyprus)

FCA (United Kingdom)

Available trading platforms:

Trading on the Exness platform is smooth and easy. Traders can access MT4, MT5, Web Trading and Mobile Trading platforms. Having MT4 and MT5 platforms allows the platform to have a user-friendly interface. MT4 and MT5 are well known for their ability to perform more than one function for their traders.

Mobile trading means that users can access the trading platform on their mobile phones. Trading on your mobile device is very easy and convenient to use. The mobile trading platform is convenient because phones can be carried everywhere, and the platform has a simple interface that makes the trading journey start with easy steps.

If you are just starting your journey to Forex trading, this broker allows you to perform "social trading". Social trading means that you can copy the trading styles of other traders, although you will have to pay a certain amount. Trading for new traders is now much easier with this tool on the Exness trading platform.

Account types at Exness forex broker

Exness is designed to handle different account types to match the trading experience of traders who want to trade on their platform. After creating an account by filling in the necessary details, you will have access to the demo account. This demo account is essential for new traders and old ones too. With a demo account, traders can understand the interface.

After opening and verifying your trading account, you will have access to your Live account as a trader. The real account available on Exness is a total of five (5). They all have different spreads and minimum deposits for traders to start their trading journey. Below is a list of different trading accounts to choose from.

1. Standard cent

This is the first account. The first account is that this account is considered the best for new traders on the platform. Standard cent accounts offer the highest leverage for traders, and the spread is just what is good for new traders on the platform. Users of this account can make deposits as early as $1 and the spread starts from 0.3 pips. This is a good starting point for new traders.

2. Standard account

This type of account also offers many benefits to users. The account is called "standard" because it fits almost every trader. The transaction fees, minimum deposit and general trading experience of this account are suitable for almost everyone. The standard account offers a minimum deposit of $1 and a spread of 0.3 pips.

3. Pro Account

As a professional, you may want to choose this account because its trading experience is broader than the standard cent and standard account. This account type offers a narrower spread that starts at 0.1 pips. Users of this type of account can access varieties when it comes to trading assets, including goods. Pro account users can make deposits starting at $200. 

4. Zero account

Offering free trading to users makes this account used by professionals and experts. The pips Spread on this account is extremely narrow, which makes the market competitive. Zero accounts have a minimum deposit of $200, making the deposit low and affordable for those professionals who want to use this account.

The zero account is an ECN account and offers even more trading assets and currency pairs than other accounts. Trading on zero accounts is fast.

5. Raw Spread account

This is the last type of Live account that traders can choose. The account is relatively new, as it appeared in 2019. However, investors enjoy a narrow spread that is not as narrow as an ECN account. The minimum deposit is $200; investors use the leverage that is available on this account.

Raw Spread account on Exness is the best choice!

Financial assets available on Exness:

With its technologically advanced platform, Exness can offer users multiple trading assets to expand their investment portfolios. Regardless of the type of account that traders choose, they have enough assets to choose from. Because the company's platform is user-friendly, accessing and trading assets is easy. Below are the resources available on Exness.


On the platform, traders can access the various cryptocurrencies they use to trade. Some of these cryptocurrencies are-Bitcoin, Ethereumi Bitcoin. Traders have at their disposal as many as 35 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptographic resources: 35+
Impact: Up To 1:400
Spreads from: 0.0 pips (depending on account type)
Execution: Instant
Availability: 24/7


Indices are assets that investors have access to. Exness allows traders to trade with over 12 of them financial assets.

Index assets: 12+
Impact: Up To 1:400
Spreads from: 0.0 pips (depending on account type)
Execution: Instant
Availability: Exchange opening hours


The energy on the platform is diverse. Users have access to USOil energy and UKOil. In addition to these two, traders can trade other energy instruments.

Energy assets: 3+
Impact: Always a constant margin
Spreads from: 0.7 pips (depending on account type)
Execution: Instant
Availability: Exchange opening hours


If you want to become a shareholder in the biggest companies, Exness has many different hubs from which users can choose, such as Tesla, Apple and others.

Warehouse assets: 100+
Impact: Up To 1:20
Spreads from: 0.0 pips (depending on account type)
Execution: Instant
Availability: Exchange opening hours


In addition, metals on this broker can be used to trade using currency pairs. More than 96 currency pairs are available on the broker.

Forex Assets: 100+
Impact: Up To 1:2000+
Spreads from: 0.0 pips (depending on account type)
Execution: Instant
Availability: 24/5

Transaction fees on Exness trading platforms

The type of account you choose is the main determinant of your fees. For example, traders do not have commission fees using standard cent, standard and pro accounts. At the same time, those who use the Raw and Zero account is charged $3.5. Trading hours also determine the amount of the fee received. 

this minimum deposit for each type of Exness account, as you can see above, is different. However, no matter what type of account you choose, you will not be charged extra. Exness does not charge for withdrawals, which makes the platform user-friendly. It's a good thing that as an entrepreneur you check the payment method you use because some providers may charge you.

Exness Fees:

Additional commissions are paid from the Raw and Zero account ($ 3.5 per 1 lot transaction)

Additional spread is charged on all Standard accounts

Overnight fees on open positions (swap) depending on the assets you trade

No withdrawal fees

No deposit fees

Account type: Cost of trade:
Standard cent Spreads start at 0.3 pips, no commission
Standard account Spreads start at 0.3 pips, no commission
Pro Account Spreads start at 0.1 pips, no commission
Zero account Spreads start at 0.0 pips, commission from $0.2 each way per lot
Raw spread account Spreads start at 0.0 pips, commission up to $3.50 each way per lot

Note: commissions and pips for transactions may vary depending on the selected asset

Test and review Exness trading platforms

Exness has several trading platforms that offer traders numerous trading benefits. Below is a list of trading platforms and their details:

We recommend using MetaTrader 5 for both desktop and mobile devices.

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is a historic platform that has been used for a long time. The MetaTrader 4 platform makes the trading experience unique, making the trading experience easier and faster. Traders can create their own trading bot. The MT4 platform has a demo account that users can access at any time. With 30 trading indicators, trading is now much easier.

MetaTrader 5 

MetaTrader 5 is not as old as MT4 and is even more advanced. It has more trading indicators (38), so investors have better trading plans. The MT5 platform allows brokers to access a demo account. The demo account, as in MT4, will not expire. If you like to follow the plan, the platform has a calendar that traders can use to create economic plans.


This platform is great for desktop users and has a simple interface that allows the entrepreneur to easily navigate. In addition to easy online navigation, the trading platform includes MT4 and MT5, from which investors can choose one. However, some traders believe that online trading is not as fast as MT4 or MT5 platforms. Online trading does not have indicators that appear, which is another factor that makes it not recommended to use it.

Mobile commerce

Phone users, as indicated above, have maximum use. This is taken into account because the platform is flexible to use. It comes with a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Appstore on iOS devices. Since the platform has both MT4 and 5, investors can create their own bot that will help in trading strategy. The mobile trading platform allows traders to customize parts of the platform.

How to trade on the Exness platform-Tutorial

To start trading on the Exness platform, you first need to create an account. Creating an account is simple, requiring only the provision of important documents and name and surname, but this will be discussed elsewhere in this review. Once you have created your account, Exness will give you a demo account.

The The demo account does not expire, so it will be an opportunity for you as a trader to learn how the broker platform works. A demo account is a useful tool for a new trader. Be sure to optimize its use. Once you think you're ready for a live account, you can go to it.demo account does not expire, so it will be an opportunity for you as a trader to learn how the broker platform works. A demo account is a useful tool for a new trader. Be sure to optimize its use. Once you think you're ready for a live account, you can go to it.

Before you start trading, check the account types to see what benefits your trading experience brings. After choosing the one you want to start with, feel free to make a deposit. Each account has a minimum deposit that users can deposit into the account. Then you can start trading.

Advantages of using the Exness trading platform

Below the advantages of using Exness include:

- Traders like to trade with a very low commission rate.

- The Broker offers traders enough options when choosing the type of account. Accounts have what distinguishes them from others.

- Both withdrawal and Deposit do not entail any fees, and this makes trading on the platform as cheap as possible.

- The demo account comes with a trading platform.

- Exness offers traders educational resources that will allow them to improve their trading skills.

- The Broker offers a very narrow spread on each of the accounts. This makes trading interesting.

- A different number of resources are available.

- A user-friendly platform with a variety of resources to help you better understand it.

- The Broker has social copying technology available.

- It is under the control of the popular financial authorities, which supervise its activities internally and externally.

Cons of using the Exness trading platform

Although the broker has many advantages, it also has disadvantages.

Some of these defects include the following elements:

- Unfortunately, some clients cannot trade on the platform. This creates limitations for these customers.

- Due to the number of regulatory bodies, the company's business takes a long time

- Customer support for other languages does not work 24-7

- Research materials are considered insufficient

Is Exness a reliable trading platform?

By combining all its features, this broker has proven to have a reliable trading platform. Exness has a free demo account available as soon as the trader creates the account. It has a minimum deposit on standard and standard cent accounts, which is available to most people.

With offices off-site, Exness can operate quickly and expand its reach. The main thing is that the company is under the regulation of CySEC, FSA, Fcaand some other financial regulators. This makes the broker a safe and reliable trading space for traders.

You can't get stuck using this broker because it has provided enough resources to teach new traders how to start trading on the platform. Exness is constantly improving its technology, making platforms more user-friendly. Its transparency allows for fair trade.

Conclusion: Exness is a legal broker for traders

Exness trading platforms allow traders to trade quickly. The Broker has Terms and conditions, and the types of accounts allow you to choose the account that suits them. With educational resources and webinars, traders can easily learn how to trade Forex.

The Broker allows you to copy trade, a good tool for new traders.

As part of the tools available on the Exners platform, it has a calculator, converter and VPS hoster. All these tools make trading easier. VPS provides stability of the connection when trading on the platform. This allows for a smooth operation when trading on Exness.

Winning awards shows that Exness is a good online broker. Customer service is encouraging, having 14 languages to help solve customer problems. Customers enjoy low transaction fees when trading with any trading platform.