Your capital is at risk.

58.42% of retail investors

accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Bonus Profit Share

Up to 65%.

- Total bonus up to $ 20,000

- Can be used during withdrawal of funds

- Minimum deposit is $ 10

Withdraw profit from trading!

Does Exness have bonuses?



Your capital is at risk.

Yes, Exness has a sign-up bonus designed to attract new customers. You can receive a$ 10 sign-up bonus when you open an account with Exness. The only requirement is to verify your phone number and email address.

In addition to this bonus, Exness also offers other bonuses from time to time. Calculation of these bonuses can be carried out on the following principles:

Percentage of Net Deposit

The net deposit is the amount paid by the customer minus the amount paid by the customer. Exness from time to time offers bonuses that are awarded as a percentage of the net deposit.

For example, if your net deposit was$ 20 and you receive a 5% bonus, your bonus will be$1.

Percentage of trading volume

Trading volume is the total number of trades the client trades in a given time. Depending on the type of bonus, you may receive a bonus that is awarded as a percentage of your trading volume.

Suppose Exness offers the following bonus:


Volume for credits / bonuses: 1 lot

You close your order for 2 EURUSD flights. You will receive a $ 4 bonus as there is a $ 2 bonus on EURUSD. If your order closed at 2.1 lots, you would not receive any bonus for the additional 0.1 lots, as Exness rounds the flights when calculating the bonus.

However, this 0.1 will remain and will be calculated in the next flight. For example, if you close an order at 0.9 lot XAUUSD. Since XAUUSD is in the same group as EURUSD, 0.9 will be added to the existing 0.1. In total, it will be 1 lot, and the bonus will be$2.

Exness $10 welcome bonus terms and conditions

The Exness welcome Bonus is available to traders who register on the platform by creating a trading account.

Below are the sign-up Exness $10 bonus terms and conditions:

To receive the bonus, you need to verify both your email address and phone number.

You can only withdraw the profit you make from trading with this bonus. The bonus amount is not subject to withdrawal.

The maximum leverage to trade with this bonus is 1:200.

The Bonus is available for trading all types of assets except cryptocurrencies.

The term of validity of the bonus is seven days from the date of posting it on the account.

Remember that you will only receive this bonus once. This is an incentive for you to start your first trade on the platform. Instead of depositing money, you can use the bonus to test the platform and start trading.

How do I get the Exness $10 welcome bonus?

To receive the Exness bonus sign-up, you will need to create an account on the platform.

How to open a trading account

Here's how you can do it online.

Go to Page click on Open Account.

Choose your country.

Enter your email address and choose a password.

That's all you need to register with Exness. After creating an account, you will be transferred to the personal zone in Exness. It is a desktop where you can manage your account, deposit and withdraw funds, view your transaction history, etc.

From the personal area, you can also verify your email address and phone number. After completing these steps, you can create a new trading account by following the instructions below:

In the personal area, go to open a new account.

Open a new account

Select the type of account you want to create. You can also create a demo account if you want to test the account features first.

Select account type

In the next window you will see different settings such as real or demo account, MT4 or MT5 trading terminals, maximum leverage, account currency, nickname for the account and password.

Create settings according to your preferences and click on Create Account.

You will see this account under my accounts.

You can also create an account by following all these steps in the Exness app.

Exness App

Although the process of creating an account is quite simple, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, you can't change your account currency after setting it up for the first time.

Make sure you choose the currency you want to continue using. The currency will only apply to that particular account and not to other Exness trading accounts.

You will also need to select the maximum leverage. This refers to the maximum amount of risk you are able to take.

The default maximum leverage for an Exness account is 1:200, but you can change it to 1:50 if you want.

Finally, you need to set a username and password for your account. A nickname will help you quickly identify an account, especially if you plan to create several trading accounts.

Can I withdraw funds?

The Exness bonus cannot be withdrawn. However, when you open trades using the bonus and earn, you can withdraw profits.

Even if you have a $ 10 bonus in your account, your withdrawal request will be rejected because you did not earn that money as a profit on the transaction. In this regard, in the personal zone will appear information that no funds are available for withdrawal.

Bonus for Exness

Like any other referral program, Exness referral bonus allows you to make money by recommending people to the platform.

The Program is simple: if someone uses your referral link to register on Exness and start trading, you will receive a percentage of their trading volume as a commission. Of course, the amount of commission depends on the country and the type of account.

Other Exness promotions and bonuses you should know

Does Exness have bonuses for new traders? The only bonus you get when you sign up is the Exness welcome bonus. However, you can also keep track of the promotions or bonuses that Exness offers at different times of the year, such as the Exness Forex bonus during the holiday period.

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Are Exness bonuses available in my country?

Exness bonuses are not available in all countries. So you will only be able to receive the bonus in a country where it is allowed by law.

Only residents of legal entities regulated by the FSA (Seychelles) can receive bonuses from the platform. Exness CySec customers and FCA regulated entities are not eligible to receive the bonus.

If you want to check if the bonus is available in your country or not, you can go to your personal area. If the bonus is available, you will see it there.